Atlas has been an incredible asset for me going through the medical school process. I began working with them for MCAT tutoring and was able to score in the 96th percentile after only 8 meetings. I then wrote my personal statement, with help from Atlas and it has been something I have been commended on at many of my interviews. Interviewing was also a challenge, but both MMIs and faculty interviews became simple with the expertise and knowledge of medical system that my sessions brought. I was lucky enough to be invited to interview at 11 medical schools including Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA. All of them wrote me after my interviews to commend me on my interview and I owe much of that success to Atlas. I cannot wait to be a doctor and am so thankful for the help that Atlas provided to get me there!
— CW, MD Candidate '23 (All-Inclusive MD Admissions Partnership)
Despite what is likely an already busy schedule, Daniel stands apart with his quick response time and overall accessibility. No question is too small or too insignificant - he takes great care to not only answer your questions, but also goes out of his way to reach out to you unprompted just to check in! With his help, I’ve gotten positive results from interviews and letters of update and he’s made himself 100% available for any need I might have! Don’t waste your money on other “big name” companies - the personal, attentive touch of Atlas is worth every penny. You won’t be sorry!
— GH, MD Candidate '23 (Hourly Admissions Consulting Partnership)
I could not have better things to say about this service!
I used Daniel and his team for MCAT prep, admissions counseling, and interview prep. Atlas gave me great study strategies that have been invaluable in medical school and was an excellent support system throughout the whole process!
I first approached Daniel for help with personal statement writing and interview preparation while applying to medical school. The guidance I received was nothing short of phenomenal as Daniel was willing to offer personal feedback not only for my personal statement, but also numerous secondary application essays, interview day strategies, and post-interview follow up emails. All this tailored help resulted in multiple acceptances for medical school. Daniel was even helpful in evaluating my financial aid packages from each school and helping me make my final decision on where to attend.

I returned to Daniel/Atlas a few years later while applying for a supplementary MPH degree and, once again, was offered outstanding help and service. Their assistance helped me get acceptances into all 3 of my top choices for the MPH- Harvard, Hopkins and UNC.

What sets Atlas apart from other companies in this arena is their level of investment in their clients. Even today, as I apply for away rotations and residency, I feel comfortable approaching them for advice that I know is salient and honest.

Highly recommend their services.